Innovatsionnye Razrabotki ( offers development, deployment and support of complex information systems and Web applications based on free and open source software. We offer the following services:

  1. Design and development of Web applications for Java EE Web Profile and Java EE platform. Favourite technologies: Spring Framework, Dojo Toolkit.
  2. Consulting, installation and support services for Apache Tomcat, Apache TomEE servers.
  3. Design and development of databases for Oracle, MySQL (MariaDB), IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server.
  4. Migration of legacy data and databases.
  5. Consulting and training in programming and software development technologies.

Established in 2007 Innovatsionnye Razrabotki had several clients among large enterprises and offices in St.Petersburg, Russia. We have completed migration of a number of legacy applications to modern web technologies, including core business services that run 24x7.


Phones: +7 812 575 57 46, +7 921 946 35 23

Innovatsionnye Razrabotki
Dostoevskogo 44 Zh
St.Petersburg, 191119